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      Playstation PSP4 Zombies Walkthrough
 PSP 4 Zombies Walkthrough

Hey what's going on, I have just uploaded a few walkthroughs Guides for PSP4. If you are a fan of zombies please take the time to check em out. Please be sure to like and subscribe to our youtube channel.
      RPG Walkthrough
 Update for RPG Game

Example: weapon + 4Lv seed sphere (fire, lighting, ice) -> attack power +11

- Additional options may disappear when you socket/unsocket extra seed spheres.
Example: After getting additional options by socketing three spheres (fire, lightning, ice) into an item with 5 sockets, the additional option may disappear when you socket 4th seed sphere on the item.

Unsocket Seed Sphere
Seed sphere dismantle system has been changed to “Unsocket system.”
Socketed seed sphere can be unsocketd After unsocketing seed sphere, you get a seed the same element Seed Researcher can unsocket seed sphere.
When the seed sphere is successfully unsocketed, it goes into the inventory.

When it fails to unsocket, only the material is destroyed while the socketed seed sphere remains.


Combination material Number of material Note
Socketed item 1EA An item with a seed
sphere socketed
Jewel of guardian 1EA Essential ingredient
Jewel of chaos 5EA Essential ingredient
Jewel of harmony 5EA Essential ingredient



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