Voyage of Despair

  Zombies - IX

  Blood of The Dead

  Ultimate Perk

  Designz - Stamina

  Designz - (Swag-oh)

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      Playstation PSP4 Zombies Walkthrough
 PSP 4 Zombies Walkthrough


 Ops 4 Zombies (Walkthrough) Perks + Pack a Punch - Voyage of Despair (no comment)


Tasks To Activate Pack-a-Punch
Activate Stone 1 Location
(Turbine Room)
Activate Stone 2 Location (Lower Grand Staircase)
Activate Stone 3 Location (Cargo Hold)
Activate Stone 4 Location (Poop Deck)

(The last stone you activate is where Pack a Punch Will appear)

Perk Locations
Perk 1 Location
Perk 2 Location (1st Class Lounge)
Perk 3 Location (Engine Room)
Perk 4 Location (Dining Hall)